Zoë Two Month Update


Weight: 11 lb. 45th percentile! I for sure thought she was going to be 12 pounds, she seems so much bigger than Eli did at this age. However she actually gained just as much as Eli did from birth to 2 months- twinners!

Naps: She takes several naps, all day long. Super, super consistent in needing a nap every hour and 15 minutes. We are trying to work on condensing her naps into 3 long ones instead of 5-6 40 minutes cat naps.

Sleep: 🙌🙌 It’s hard to brag about this, because we haven’t done any sleep training and I don’t want to make anyone feel bad about their non sleeper- BUT! This girl sleeps like a freaking champion at night (knock on all the wood). She sleeps for an 8-11 hour stretch every single night! I am soaking it in as much as possible because I know that 4 month sleep regression is right around the corner and going to ruin me!

Clothing: She is solidly in 0-3 month clothes. Zoe does so many more things than Eli was doing at this age, because I have a three year old to entertain. It’s crazy how naked Eli was compared to how many times Zoe gets changed- in other words, thanks for all the clothes everyone!

Development: Zoe is super chat and we all love listening to hear talk to us and start to smile! Zoe has made her first trip to Redding and thankfully is a champion traveler.

Sibling Relationship: These two love each other like crazy. Eli is so sweet and gentle and helpful with her. For her part, Zoe lets him dote on her 🙂

Mom and Dad Update: I’m telling you, once this girl started sleeping everything became roses and rainbows! We are starting to learn about her and it has been amazing. I’m so happy with our little family bubble!

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