Eli at 3.5



My little dream of a baby boy is quickly growing up. I have never really regretted or been able to get behind the heartbreak of our kids growing up and gaining more independence- until this summer. Perhaps it was the new baby making my first baby grow up so quickly, but I think it’s just that he IS growing up! Eli and I have conversations, his imagination has exploded, he has become my little buddy. The way his vocabulary has grown, matched with the help he offers and the fact that he can get dressed and buckle himself into the car, is just a blinking marquee shouting that my little guy is leaving behind toddlerhood.


Sleep: This summer sleep has been all over the place. Eli needs 12 hours of sleep for every 24 hour period, but he resists naps in every capacity. He goes to sleep between 7 and 9 most nights and takes a nap every couple days.


Favorite Foods: Goodness gracious, this boy is beyond picky! We are starting to introduce a “no thank you” bite rule, but it is slow going. He still loves the same basic foods he has always loved, but I would LOVE to get him to a much wider rotation.

Likes: Swimming, playing outside, Despicable Me, Transformers, riding his car around the block, “hanging out with daddy”, chicken nuggets, books, playing ghost, showering, play-doh, trains, being the boss, his family, saying “amens”, “playing with kids”, being naked, snacking, adventures.


Dislikes: Naps, being quiet, cleaning up.

Eli is friendly, kind, snugly and everything I could hope for. He makes an effort to include other kids when we play. He makes an effort to follow through on his chores and responsibilities within our house and says please and thank you constantly.

Eli throws normal, epic 3 year old tantrums, exaberated by lack of sleep and feelings that are generally too big for his body to handle. He is emotional, sensitive and big hearted.

He is loud and wild, preferring to jump from one spot to another rather than walking. He wants to dance fight, loves to listen to music and can’t walk by one of the animals without bothering them.


Zoë Four Month Update


Weight: 14 pounds!

Feeding: Zoë has moved to formula completely. We started transitioning and introducing formula about 2/3 weeks ago. It took about a week for her stomach to settle with the new addition and now she seems good with it. On one hand, I would prefer her to be getting the extra immunity and stronger nutrition of breastmilk, on the other, I love having my body back to being MY body.


Naps: We are about to enter into some serious nap time jail at the house and I am not looking forward to it. She naps throughout the day, but there has been a lot of time spent on the floor of her bedroom trying to get her to take longer than a 45 minutes nap.

Sleep: If we were to base all of her delightfulness on sleep, I doubt any other child would come close! Zoe goes to bed between 6-7 and sleeps 11-12 hours. Lately she has been waking up a little too early (5:30) and I have really been working with her to learn that that will not fly 🙂


Clothing: Solidly into 3-6 month clothes, but in the size she’s all over the place. Some are just stretching over her body and some she is swimming in. There are lots of repeats in a single week.

Development: Zoe has discovered her feet and it is hilarious. I don’t remember Eli being quite so fascinated with feet and she just zones out on them. I’m also working with Zoe to get her to hold her own bottle(!), she has started trying to grasp toys and put things into her mouth. Still no rolling, but she also doesn’t spend a whole lot of unassisted time on the floor.

Likes: Zoe really likes her people: mom, dad, Eli. Loves the be in the shower or bathtub and to be talked to. Also a big fan of being jiggled! While it may seems early, she’s pretty into the television- fast moving pictures, what’s not to love. She lays still and seems interested when I read Eli stories, but that is probably more just about her enjoying us talking.


Dislikes: Clothing being pulled over her face, a bottle being readjusted for a half second while she is in the middle of eating, getting out of the tub or shower, being denied her sleep more than a minute after she first squawked her exhaustion. She has no problem expressing her  opinion.

Sibling Update: Still so much love. I’ve been expecting some sibling rivalry to come out soon, but so far, nothing but mutual love and adoration.

Mom and Dad Update: it’s just good, the kids are good- dare I say easy. We try to get out and do big family adventure days and it’s been wonderful to be able to learn to adapt to everybody’s needs and get them all met.