Motherhood Musings

I am still processing all that I feel about having two kids. The feelings and emotions are so incredibly vast and intense that I am still searching for the words. With Eli, I had this giant explosion of love and depth for that love that was overwhelming with its intensity. With Zoe it has been this slow unyielding of undoing over the life that I thought I knew and had a grasp on, that has been constantly surprising me with how much love I am capable of experiencing.

Organizing our lives and what I want them to look like has become  my favorite activity, I love dreaming about our family and looking to what the future holds for us.

Eli and Zoe have been following their gender stereotypes to a tee, he was a very physically proficient baby and didn’t talk until he was two, she is super vocal and is seriously lagging in the physical milestone department in comparison to Eli.

Zoe looks so much like Eli as a baby until you put her next to Kenny and you realize that she is his exact duplicate.

As our little family hits its stride and gets into a schedule and routine, I just want to find all new moms and tell them that motherhood requires a solid year and a half of trying to find solid ground.  The pregnancy through postpartum period is so fraught with sleep deprivation and wildly swinging hormones that it becomes really hard to trust yourself.

Eli gets more and more fun everyday, I find myself falling in love with his sweet little personality everyday.

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