October Goals

WOW! It has been a bit since I’ve gathered some goals up in this space and shared them with the world.  Having a baby is like taking a break from your real life for a solid year and half or so. Between trying, pregnancy, having a new baby and hormonal fluctuations, it feels as though I can not live my life because I’m living two lives, mine and the babies.  Does anybody else feel like that? It’s a glorious and magical experience to have and grow a baby, but it is also strange and so far outside of normal daily conduct.  Suffice it to say, I have not been in a make goals and achieve them frame of mind.  BUT! I’m back! Zoe is five and a half months old, I started to feel normal again when Eli was six months old, clearly I’m consistent somewhere in my life.

Get back to writing: I’d like to spend some more time in this space and on another writing project I’m working on.  Plus, just more writing in general: more lists, scheduled days, journaling. Writing for me is similar to running, it’s cathartic and clears my headspace and one of the few ways I know how to work through all my thoughts as they run over each other.

Halloween: Yay!! Eli LOVES Halloween; he likes ghosts, spider, vampires and monsters. I am having him make a final decision on his costume soon so that I can figure out the rest pf the family.  We are also going to decorate the house this year! Eli loves checking out everyone else’s Halloween decorations on our walks and I can’t wait to have our house set up for him to enjoy as well!

Weekly Projects: I have a list of larger projects that I would like to get accomplished, things like organizing the closets, so as not to get overwhelmed and do nothing, I am picking one thing each week from the list and slowly making my way through the list.

Get Outside: Fall is hitting early here this year and as soon as the weather starts to get cold I have a tendency to hunker down and not want to move. So we will be getting outside, everyday!

Healthy Eating: We are investing in a and I want to get back to a more plant based diet. We have instituted a “no thank you” bite rule into our mealtimes with Eli and his palate is already just barely starting to expand.

Marriage Building: In the season of creating and caring for a new baby, our marriage takes a bit of a backseat. I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing, something has to give somewhere, as long as the marriage doesn’t stay at the back burner. I’m looking forward to date nights out, and date nights in, board games, long talks, cuddling without constantly getting up to attend to children, finding a new tv show to get into.  I’m looking forward to getting to focus on being a wife first, mother second.

Wish me luck!

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