Musings on Motherhood

From the beginning month of life with two:

It is gloriously liberating to not be concerned with a nap time.

On the other side: I miss nap time- bad. However when given the mystical moment when both littles nap, I don’t know what to do. As in last time it happened I watched the first 45 minutes of “Magic Mike”…

My happiest moments are when I am in the water with one or both kiddos. Except for the shower that is littered with toys.

Mothering two has been a constant lowering of expectations. Not the typical expectations of a clean house and meals, but allowing space and time for mothering to be my only priority. I don’t get to write as often (see, at all), I have very little alone time and going anywhere takes much much longer. Learning to live in the hard of parenting two has been a growing experience.

Parenting two has been the greatest joy, I feel as though it is exactly where I’m supposed to be.


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