7 Month Update



Weight: 16 lb. 4 oz.

Eating: Our little squawking terra-dactyl continues to blow my mind with how much food she can consume and how much she LOVES to eat.  She has started feeding herself and her pincher grasp is greatly improving. Zoe loves to eat and can’t stand when other people are eating and not sharing with her. We have moved her from purees to basically whatever we are eating.



Clothing: Still solidly in 6-9 month clothing.

Naps: We are typically down to 2 naps a day and it is glorious! We have also just now gotten rid of the zipadee swaddle.



Sleeping: Zoe is still a pretty good sleeper.  We have been struggling just a bit, its been difficult to transition her from the swaddle she was used to, but I am determined to beat her at this. Her bedtime is all over the place right now due to transitions from 3 naps to 2, and losing her swaddle, but we try not to get her down before 6 or keep her up past 7:30, waking up between 7 and 7:45.

Likes: Eli. She LOVES her brother, can’t get enough of playing with him and generally being smothered by him. Daddy. Lights up the second she sees Kenny, just wants to pull on his beard and watch him. Smiles. Anytime anyone smiles at her, she lights up back at them. Typical second child, loves attention all the time.



Dislikes: Not getting sleep when she wants it, not getting food when she wants it. So… not getting what she wants when she wants it!

Development: Zoe is still not crawling, or making any effort at all to do so. She wants to be a part of the action all the time. She loves to stand, but anytime she is laid on her stomach, she just lays her face on the ground and cries, giving up entirely. She’s great at sitting up and is starting to try to hop around on her bum, hopefully she will start getting some momentum soon!




Sibling Update: Still so much love and affection and adoration between these two.  Zoe waits for Eli to come and play with her and just lights up; giggling and watching his every move. It helps that Zoe is no longer so fragile that Eli may actually kill her with his playing. I don’t have the closest relationships with my siblings, but I am so hoping that these two continue to have the amazing bond they have right now.

Mom and Dad Update: Infants are not my thing, which means its always getting better and better around here! Being parents to two is a blast and noisier than I ever thought possible!


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