I am so pumped on this new year and can’t wait to dive into it! While 2017 was a good year for me, for many that I know it was one that they can’t wait to be out of. Our 2017 we got to meet our baby girl, we found our footing as parents of two and Kenny got a new job.  Don’t get me wrong, our baby girl is amazing, but the thing I think I am most excited about is Kenny having this new job.  We have been on the edge of our seats, wondering when and if Kenny was going to get a job with Dutch Bros. HQ and if we were going to be moving to Oregon.  Kenny’s job with Canyon County has been amazing and allowed me to only need to work very part time, but it also had a schedule that changed daily and no “off” hours. To say I am happy about being settled for the next year is a massive understatement! With this little catch up on our lives, let’s jump into the goals, dreams and hopes for the new year!

Travel: YAY! Our new family schedule is going to allow us to know what our lives are going to look like 3 months out, plus have some large blocks of time together. Meaning we are going to be together as a family, be together as a couple and go on some trips.  As of right now we are looking at Disneyland trips, Seattle, Portland, Banff,  D’alene, a beach trip, camping, a couples trip (hopefully to Mexico!) and possibly a trip to Hawaii! We are just really really excited to be together and make some family memories.

Books: Last summer I started getting into reading again and wanted to really focus on learning and expanding my mind. I want to keep going with that goal, but be a little bit more intentional with it, I often bite off more than I can chew and then give up, not this time! Two “thinking” books a month.  If I have time for something with a more entertainment driven storyline great, but I’m not counting on being able to do more than 6 of those type of books next year.

Savings: We are definitely a little late to the game, but this is the year that we start saving for our retirement.  Scary, exciting and just bizarre.

Garden: It’s been my goal every year for far too long, but I’m ready to move beyond tomatoes. We have a nectarine tree (fingers crossed it begins to produce this year), tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries, but I want to seriously expand that. Our entire side yard is wasted space, begging for a garden.

Organize: While Kenny travels, I’m hoping to pick a room a month and have a completely streamlined home by the end of the year.

Writing: I’ve been working on a children’s book series for about 6 months and by working I mean I have notes and lines scribbled in 4 different notebooks all over the house. I’m finishing these books this year!

Fitness: Half Marathon this year! I love going for runs, but I want to have a real goal to go for this year and I’ve been talking about a half marathon for years. I’ve also recently gotten into hot yoga and want to go once a week, bonus- they have recently added some classes with provided childcare!!

Intentional Relationships: Quality over quantity is good in theory, but all relationships need both to thrive. I’m looking to minimize my multitasking when it comes to relationships and make sure to carve out time for the ones that I care about instead of just trying to squeeze them in.

It feels as though our lives have been chaos since Eli came into the world in 2014 and this is our year to be in it! I hope you are looking forward to this next year as well!

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