February 2018 Goals

January is not so much a productive month as it is a hibernation month, which I am more than okay with! February though is full of the promise of Spring and therefore the promise of new beginnings.  Here is what I’m working on this month:

Books: I’m planning on reading three different books this month.  I recently took an enneagram test and am super interested in the way that this test can be used to help create a better person. I’m not sure which book I’ll be reading, but I want one that will allow me to gain some insights into the differences between Kenny and I and lead to a better relationship. Andrea Howe of howewelive.com recommended a book, Body Love.  I tend to struggle with some body image issues and am hoping this book that focuses on nutrition and viewing the body as simply a body will help me out. I’m also planning on finishing Yin Yoga. My yoga class (that I rarely attend) doesn’t have a whole lot of one on one teacher interaction and I’m hoping the instruction in this book will help me with my postures.

Garden Planning: Tis the season! We have had incredible winter weather out here in Idaho and I will be taking advantage.  This month: cleaning up the backyard and building a couple of garden beds.

Homeschool Curriculum: Pinterest can be an incredible tool and also a gigantic waste of time.  I’m done pinning and ready to plan out our preschool curriculum!

Organize: Next on the to organize list- finish deep cleaning master bedroom and bathroom, laundry room, dining room.

Celebrate: Valentine’s Date- Yay for dates! Yay for great baby-sitters! Eli’s Birthday- we are doing a small birthday party and Disneyland!!!