Pregnancy Update


How Far Along: 31 weeks

Due Date: April 23rd. She is measuring small which means that while I (and every pregnant woman ever) may hope for at the least an on time baby, if not a little early; it’s probably not going to happen, this time or ever.

Weight Gain: Up 21 pounds. It feels nice to be gaining a more steady and reasonable amount of weight this time around, but I still feel enormous. If I can maintain this momentum, I should only gain 30 pounds which would be amazing.

Maternity Clothing: I’m rotating through about 8-10 outfits around here and it is getting old real fast. I’ve still been going with a pretty decent mix of maternity and non-maternity, but that non-maternity is definitely on its way out.

Sleep: Wah wah. Between the heartburn and the hip pain, combined with the insomnia, I am craving some amazing sleep. That comes after the baby though right?

Stretch Marks: I don’t think they’ll be happening this time either. This girl is sitting much lower than Eli ever did, closer and tighter to my body.

Missing Anything: Being little and just being myself. It makes sense that since pregnancy is such a small portion of time in my life that I don’t feel quite like myself gestating. I miss being small and easy to move around, bending down and going for a run. Looking forward to after she is out; it’s kind of like after a cold when you are so thankful just to breathe easy.

Movement: Lots of movement.  She feels so different from Eli. Instead of big punches and kicks, she is really into somersaults and weird massage type things. It feels like she is constantly spreading her fingers out and pressing, massaging my insides, really really weird feeling.

Looking Forward to Anything: I’m so looking forward to her being here. The anticipation of a new baby is full of stress and anxiety and then once it’s here, they just add so much goodness to your life. I loved those weeks after Eli arrived, it was the best, cozy, warmest time. Pregnancy the second time around seems to drag on and on forever.

Things to Remember

Eli will be three next month.  Three.  It’s insane and so so very exciting to me.  I hear about all of these parents not wanting their babies to grow up and I just don’t understand, I love to watch each new stage, each new habit and quirk develop.  The only thing about the passage of time that makes me slightly weepy is that I don’t want to forget, don’t want to forget the little things.

Eli hugs all the littles he comes across, if Kenny or I hug an adult, he goes in for one as well.  In general, extremely affectionate.

Every morning, Eli comes into our room and climbs into bed, snuggling in for some wake up time.  (Let’s be honest though, it’s only a good, don’t want to forget because he doesn’t wake until 7:30 or 8)

I’ve accidentally raised a nudist, the kid strips at every opportunity.  He doesn’t ever try to take his clothes off in public though so that’s good.

When anyone scratches his body and stops, he places your hand right back where it was, asking for “more, more.”

He asks to go to Disneyland, every day.

He climbs up on Kenny and rubs his head when watching YouTube Disneyland rides.

He lights up when we play with him, I mean seriously is overjoyed to have complete and total attention, basking in the glow of adoration.

New Year

Happy New Year! Only 23 days late :)! We have been busy getting through the most snow Idaho has gotten in at least 30 years and recover from the mayhem of the holidays. Typically this time of year is filled with resolutions and changes for the better, and can I just say no? No to resolutions, no to big changes, just no. I’m too burnt out and unsure of where our lives are quite literally headed.

I’m a big fan of new starts and do overs, but my mind is too full of possible plans, possible scenarios. Instead we are taking things one day, one week at a time.  I know that we have a teeny baby joining us in the spring and that our lives are full and happy. Those are the constants that I can hold onto and try to plan and build our days from. Our agenda this week: replace our door’s weather stripping, attend a going away party, try to have an at home date night, clean the floors and play in the snow. Simple and concise, mainly home stuff that I know I’ll be able to check off the list at the end of the day.

A little pictorial catch up from our winter thus far:


Musings on Motherhood

We are taking a little break from screens, we as in both Eli and I. And WE are finding it to be both difficult and beneficial.

Eli helps me in the kitchen almost every time I make something. Difficult and beneficial. Strange that it is not both messy and clean though…

I’m so excited for second baby that I’m  already pushing for third and being brutally shut down on fourth 🙂

Started to go through Eli’s clothes to pick out what would work for new baby sister. Realized that everything “could” work and that she may be super into motorcycles or cars. Tabling that chore and continueing to store several large containers of clothing.

Resisted buying Eli more Christmas presents, still went over on my one thing for each category of read, wear, need, want. Thinking about having him open a couple presents throughout the month just to make it still work!

Have not started or really even thought about getting second baby’s room ready. What if we get it all done and Kenny gets offered a job that moves us? Or is it really just second child syndrome?

I still think he is the greatest kid. Tantrums, stubbornness, eye-rolling… still the greatest, still hilarious, still wonderful.  Biology has really worked things out in our kids’favor.

Everything is better with kids. We went and looked at Christmas lights and every time we drove past a Santa he yelled out, “Happy Christmas!” It’s impossible to top that.



Pregnancy Update

Here I am sitting pretty at 21 weeks gestation with hardly a word about this pregnancy anywhere on the internets. Weird in the age of oversharing and compulsive posting. This pregnancy has been a weird one, one that I’ve held closer to my heart and have shielded. Perhaps it’s that I feel I’ve already given birth to the grandchild (Eli) and am now growing my own baby. Maybe it’s that I was at a wedding and recognized the daughter of a blog that I hardly follow but we have Facebook friends in common therefore I see her and it really creeped me out. Maybe it’s just laziness. Either way, let’s get down to details now.


17 Week Pregnancy Anouncement


10 Week Belly


20 Week Belly

How far along? 21 weeks

Weight gain? 8 lbs, meaning I am pretty much right on track to have the exact pregnancy weight gain I had with Eli.

Due Date? April 23rd, however Eli was born two weeks late so let’s not get too hung up on that date.

Maternity Clothing? You betcha! I’ve been trying to accentuate the belly this time instead of make it blend in. Let me tell you, maternity clothes shopping is not for the weak. Petite people are clearly never supposed to procreate.

Gender? (I know that in order to be pc, it should be sex, but it’s my own personal blog, so…) It’s a girl! What?! I was surprised to find that Eli was a boy, I was surprised to find that this one was not. Mother’s intuition my ass. Zoe Elizabeth has been thought about since Kenny and I were 18, 20 years old so it feels as though I’m carrying a baby that we’ve been waiting 10 years to meet. Weird feelings all over the place over here.

Sleep? All hail the second trimester! Sleep is glorious and not only because I’m getting enough of it, as opposed to that first trimester sleep need of 12 hours a day.  It also is just feel and restful sleep. I never lusted after and needed sleep until the first time I got pregnant and now it is the first thing I look into fixing anytime I get a little grumpy.

Stretch marks? Nope, fingers crossed for a repeat of my skin’s last performance.

Missing Anything? Alcohol, not so much the taste as the buzzy, floatiness of a drink or two. It would be so much classier to say that I miss the taste of a full bodied Cabernet, but nope! I miss the way tequila makes everything so damn funny 🙂

Movement? Yep, started feeling something at 18 weeks and just keeps getting stronger. Kenny can feel and I’m super excited for when Eli feels his first kick from her!

Looking forward to? Everything! Life with two, meeting her, having a 12 week maternity leave. Shall we discuss maternity leave? With Eli I was off for 6 weeks, 2 of which were spent swimming around in borrowed hotel pools trying to distract myself from the fact that while our families eagerly waited for a child, there wasn’t one present. I felt as thought it was plenty of time. I had a great recovery from my cesarean, I had built up what I thought was a decent supply of breast milk, I wasn’t heartbroken to be leaving. Looking back, man it would have been nice to take more time off! For one thing, at 4 months old, Eli went through a major growth spurt, resulting in killing my stash. For another, time off to settle into motherhood. Changing your role as a human being is a big deal and 4 weeks is hardly enough time to work through that. This extended maternity leave will allow me to build up a real supply, and not one that is being replenished in an office space people need to grab towels from while you’re hooked up to a milk machine. I’ll also be able to spend some time getting to know this new little one. With Eli, I didn’t have anything else to really getting in the way of laying with him and learning about him; with baby number 2, I’ll have a rambunctious toddler clamoring for my attention and not allowing me to “sleep when the baby sleeps.”


Back to Blogging

The problem with taking a big huge break, is that I don’t know how to jump back in.  Do I go over everything that I missed over the past couple months or do I just skip right ahead to current events? It’s late and I’m overly stuffed from my second portion of leftover Thanksgiving pie, so let’s just say that we all are doing well and the last couple of months have been busy and full.  November has been a doozy.  An election that brought out the worst in people across the board, the passing of the birthdate for the baby I miscarried, a flu that hit the whole family that was followed by a virus, a long family trip with all the extended family, topped off with an overly emotional, hormonal pregnant lady.

We are now looking forward to a holiday season full of family, giving, gratitude and celebration. I’ll be back with our December goals and lots more talk about impending babies and some delicious Chirstmas recipes.


Politics Aside

I am not a political person.  I don’t follow the local elections or candidates,  I don’t identify with one party more than the other. I would guess that I am like half of the voters out there. I vote because I have the ability and because I have the freedom to do so.  My main focus every time a candidate is discussed is education. It’s all I care about, it’s all I see the direct results from. Despite this lack of deep knowledge into politics, I’ve read a lot about a myriad of emotions today, sadness and anger from all the Hilary supporters and joy and elation from those supporting Trump. For the record, I voted for neither, opting to vote for McMullin. Opting not to vote for one candidate or to vote as a way of opposing the other one. I voted for the third party in the hopes that a third party will eventually emerge. What I find missing from everyone’s postings, everyone’s emotions is a general weariness.  A general sadness that this was the election, that these were the candidates and that this is how our country is reacting. A sadness that we as a nation is so broken that we found these two candidates to be the best answer to our fervent prayers and biggest hopes. There would have been sadness and fear, loathing and feeling of despair throughout half the nation no matter who one this election. That is the takeaway here. It is time to heal and join together, because a just barely there majority is hardly a win.

Musings on Motherhood

While potty training is great and yay! no more diapers to wash; rinsing poo out of tiny potties is far worse than dealing with a dirty diaper. Ick!

Everytime Eli gets a haircut, he grows by a year and 6 inches.  All of a sudden he becomes a grown up and while it’s adorable, it completely freaks me out.

Speaking of being freaked out, a kid that takes up the entire length of the bathtub, what?!

Eli has recently discovered that when I set him on his mattress, he has the capability to move.  While I was fearful of that realization, it is so adorable and fun to have himm come run into our room in the morning and jump into bed. (Made even more spectacular by the fact that the wake up time as become 7:45/8!!)

The past couple of days, Eli has skipped out on one of my most favorite things, nap time! I would be nervous, but he has stayed in his bed for the entire two hours (naptime) just playing and talking to himself. It is almost better than naptime, I just get to sit and listen to him.

The physical affection with this kid continues to get better and better.  He has started asking for ‘nother kiss everytime one of us leaves or when he goes to bed. He starts his mornings with backscratches and snuggles. Slays me.

Eli’s pickiness is starting to fade away and I’m excited, but also slightly nervous to break the routine we have.

Eli yells at Cole to “QUIET!” when he is laying in bed and hears him bark outside. We’ve taught him well.

My toddler can destroy things in 5 seconds, literally.  I repainting the house and touching everything up. I left a paint can with a lid on it, but hadn’t sealed the can back up.  Eli was sitting at the table eating a snack and I went to switch the laundry from the washing machine to the dryer, 15 feet away. I finished and there was paint all over the table and all over the child. Amateur.


My actual proudest parenting moment is coming in the form of a child that is learning to pick up his toys.  It took some trying and some teaching, but he has started to pick up toys of his own volition, without any promting from me. Halleluah!!

October Goals

Hello! I have been 100% gone, seasons changing, new routines and it has all led up to a crazy amount of necessary sleeping. BUT!! I’m back, I’m rested, I’m here again.

All this to say that I accomplished almost nothing last month, other than resting.

I did do some things on my goal list:

Weekly Schedule: It’s been glorious getting back into a routine, super helpful for both me and Eli.

Three Hours Outside: We have been pretty good about this.  It can be boring and tedious and it requires me being more focused on housework when we are home, but being outside on a daily basis is great.

Tuesdays with Dorie/King Arthur Baking Challenges: I did them, I did not however, write, photograph or do anything but consume them.

October Goals:

Painting: We have to start getting our house ready to sell in hopes of selling or renting it out next year.  I have a surge of energy right now, so even though we are late in the month, I’m hoping to finish it by the end of the month.

Clean up the yard:  I need to break down our plants and get our lawn ready to rest for the winter, at least it will keep us outside!

Read a book:  I used to love reading and for a couple years now (read, since I had a child pulling my attention) I haven’t been able to really get into a book.  Until this weekend! We went on a trip to the coast and I read and it was heaven.

Girls Brunch:  It’s on the books! Now to actually get everyone to follow through….

Baking Challenges: do them and write them up!

Yoga:  I’d be happy with twice a week at this point.

Disneyland Itinerary:  I love planning vacations almost as much as taking them, can’t wait to dive into this one.

Halloween Festivties: I didn’t do a single one so we are packing it in!

Back to Blogging:  Aiming for 5 times a week between Hellobee and here, fingers crossed.

September Goals

Fall is here and we are swinging right back into goal setting time, which is glorious because I really need some structure back in my life.

Weekly Schedule: Eli and I need a main focus and thing to look forward to each day. Our weeks will hopefully go as follows:

Monday: Hike It Baby Boise Meetup

Tuesday: Soccer

Wednesday: Playgroup Meetup

Thursday: Art Project/Preschool Curriculum

Friday: Library

Saturday: Family Movie Night

Sunday: Family Day

Yoga/Running: Now that is is not as hot, Eli and I can get back to our country road runs. On the same side of that coin, not as hot means less swimming and less stretching, which means, yoga needs to become a necessity.

Inside of House Repairs: I have had a massive big list of things to repair in and around our house, mainly consisting of touching up ALL the paint, that has to get done in order for us to either rent or sell our house.

Halloween Costumes: Yay! I love Halloween and I love family costumes. This year we will be characters from Toy Story. Making 3 costumes is a rather daunting task so I have to get started now.

Girls Brunch: I love gathering with framily and girlfriends are vital to every woman’s life. Hoping this can happen at least once this month.

Date Night/New Schedule: I have just gotten a new schedule at work that leaves more space and time for us as a family and for Kenny and I has a couple. I’m so excited to see how this changes our weeks. I’m also going to start aiming for a once a month date night, I know once a week is recommended, but let’s be realistic here.

Tuesdays With Dorie/King Arthur: I’ve been at a standstill for what to bake/cook and I’ve been wanting to get further involved in the online baking community.  These two baking challenges are going to be gloriously helpful!

Apple Picking: This quite a tradition for our family yet, but I’m trying to force it into being one :)!! Any locals know the best place to pick? Last year’s experience wasn’t a great orchard.

Three Hours Outside: I’ve been reading a lot about education and the difference in different countries, the effects that screen time and outside free play have on children.  I recently read that we should be spending at least three hours a day outside.  I’m going to try to get an average of three outside outside, this will probably be my biggest challenge this month.

Any good fall goals out there you’d like to share?